Sunday, September 8, 2013

My newest addiction! High End Blushes!!!

Hi, Everyone!  I hope you are doing fine and that things are going good for you.

You might have noticed that I took a little break from blogging and from nail polish,etc.  in general and basically dropped off the face of the earth.  Things got REALLY crazy at work and they still are crazy but I decided that I needed to take sometime for myself to do things that interest me so here I am in my little slice of the internet again.  While I have been away I have done very little shopping for nails :( but on the positive side, I have discovered a love for makeup.  Don't be scared you won't see me making an tutorials on YouTube anytime soon but I have taken some baby steps and purchased some high end (probably classified as mid end to the hard core MUA). Because the items were by no means cheap for me, I am choosing to refer to them as high end. ;)

Over the course of the past couple years I have acquired 18 Nars blushes and 9 Tarte blushes for my baby makeup stash and for the most part they are all loved.  I know there has been mass debate about which one is better and depending on who you ask you are bound to get different answers. So I will let you know which one that I am loving the most after  I post pan pics and swatches of both collections. 

When I dipped my toes in the deep end of the high end blush pool many moons ago  I started off with NARS Love Joy  at a Sephora SA suggestion since I am a WOC ( woman of color) And that is one of the most flattering colors for us.  I really  liked the packaging, the silkiness of the product, the payoff as far as pigmentation,  etc.  Pretty much anything that you can think of to say positive minus  the expense.  But as they say sometimes you get what you pay for or so I believed at that point in my life  so I got over the heartburn of the price pretty quickly.  Flash forward 10+ years  and I am out looking for a blush to treat myself for having to deal with all of the drama that I am dealing with at work.  So I ordered online NARS Armour because I wanted a blush to brighten my face and make me look less tired and stressed.  I fell in love all over again with NARS. Some months later my blushes pro created in their drawers and I have now have a pretty healthy collection. I am planning to post some pics and swatches tomorrow once the sun comes out. 

It is good to be back!

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