Thursday, November 12, 2009

Today's Mani is Sci Fi by China Glaze

Last night, I had such a hard time finding time to do a mani. So this is just a polish change. Everything that could have went wrong did. First, I couldn't decide which color. I knew that I wanted to do a metallic but they were all jumping out at me from the drawer begging me to pick them. So I just reached in and grabbed one and this was the lucky one. Next, I couldn't find my cotton balls. (Still haven't found them. I have looked in all of the usual places.) So I had to use bath tissue. Yes, I had to keep it real there for a moment. Sorry if that is TMI. LOL. And since I am running extremely low on remover the tissue didn't soak up the remover and hold on to it so I ended up using a lot of both! So I will have to try and make this mani last as long as possible since I won't be able to pick up some remover until this weekend. (I have enough for possibly two more changes if I can find that darn bag of cotton balls :>) So don't be surprised if you see another post from me before then) One of the ways that I personally can extend a mani is by using good base and top coats. Some of my favorites bases are Rock Hard, SH Nail Quencher, Zoya Anchor, and Creative Nail Design's Stickey. A few of my favorite top coats are Rock Hard, China Glaze's Fast Dry, CND Air Dry, Zoya Armor, and Sally Hansen's Insta Dri. But for this mani, I used CND Stickey and SH Insta Dri.

Without further adieu. I present to you China Glaze's Sci Fi

As you can see the KHROMEs are more forgiving that the Romantique's although they have somewhat similar color schemes. This is like brushed steel with a hint of lavendar. It is so reflective it is like having tiny little mirrors on each of your nail beds. I can't wait to KONAD over this baby. I am thinking M57 leopard spots in purple might be cute. I will give it some thought throughout the day and I will post whatever KONADICURE that I come up with for you bloggers.

Have a good day!

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